I originally come from “the Pearl of Africa” (Winston Churchill): Uganda, East Africa.  But I was born in the Ivory Coast in West Africa.  I grew up in Vienna in the school holidays as I went to boarding school in England.  I studied Art history at UCL (whilst working as a bookseller at Waterstone’s due to my love of Postcolonial literature), then worked for two years at Sotheby’s Auctioneers in Books and Manuscripts.  Frustrated,  I then went to do my first MA in The History of the Book specialising in Text and Image (Medieval Manuscripts, Illustrated Books and Artists’ Books).  Thinking I wanted to carve a career in  Arts Publishing, I worked briefly at Yale Books and then for Penguin Books.  After two years in Publishing there,  where I met Jamie Oliver and the late Sue Townsend, I went back to Africa to my native Uganda for a year where I was a freelance Arts & Travel Journalist in radio and Newspaper print. I returned to London where I worked for The World Service/Africa with my East African experience and then became a Researcher for Alan Yentob’s BBC4 Arts Programme.  With my love of books and with my degree in Books history, I then worked at The British Library giving Public Tours of its collection; and then worked  at The National Gallery for nearly ten years where I studied for my second Masters Degree in Education in Museums and Galleries at The Institute of Education, University of London. I  am now a Freelance Museum Africanist Educator, Art Historian and independent Journalist.
What I do :
  • Teach in Museums and Galleries, Historic Houses, Community Centres, Colleges, Schools, Archives and Libraries on the Art history of Black British People in the UK.
  • Engage with the African and Caribbean communities
  • Write papers for Academic Conferences (Slavery and Abolition in the Visual Arts)
  • Contribute to Black History Month (October-November) in Black Art History
  • Re-interpret the art collections to show why Africans and Afro-Caribbeans were enslaved and made invisible, for knowledge, personal development and empowerment
  • Teach Black British History
  • Develop  new black british audiences/Meetup Groups ( professionals)
  • Offer practical courses for History Teachers: Primary and Secondary on Slavery & Abolition; Benin Art and Culture
  • Review Contemporary African Art shows/exhibitions/Fairs, Black Cinema and Contemporary Black British Writing